Trees available at wholesale pricing include the following shade trees and flowering trees.  Please call or email for current availability of these and other trees you may need for your project. All trees are available for pickup at our Westminster MD Nursery or can be delivered throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and surrounding states.

Shade Trees

Trees Wholesale Nursery MD
Botanical Name Common Name
Acer Rubrum Red Sunset Red Sunset Maple
Acer Rubrum October Glory Red October Maple
Acer Rubrum Armstrong Red Columnar Maple
Acer Saccharum Green Mountain Sugar Maple Green Mountain
Acer Saccharum Legacy Sugar Legacy Maple
Acer Platanoides Crimson King Norway King Maple
Acer Palmatum Bloodgood Bloodgood Maple
Gleditsia Triacanthos Shademaster Locust
Platanus a. Bloodgood London Plain
Quercus Palustris Pin Oak
Tilia Cordata Greenspire Greenspire Linden
Zellkova Serrata Green Vase Japanese Zelkova Green Vase
Zelkova Serrata Village Green Japanese Zelkova Village Green
Trees Wholesale Nursery MD

Flowering Trees

Botanical Name Common Name
Crataegus Viridis Winter King Winter King Hawthorn
Largestromias -Varieties Crape Myrtle
Malus – Varieties Flowering Crab Apple
Prunus Serrulata Kwanzan Japanese Cherry Kwanzan
Prunus Yedeonsis Yoshino Yoshino Cherry
Styrax Japonicus Japanese Snowbell
Syringa Reticulata Ivory Silk Ivory Silk Lilac